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We are the Champions by sox11
We are the Champions
Cynthia: Come here, you stunning male specimen, you...
Steven: .... :s

Heh, so this is my boyfriend and I, cosplaying as Champions Steven and Cynthia from Pokemon :3
Cynthia, Sinnoh champion by sox11
Cynthia, Sinnoh champion
"...That's enough talking. Let's get on with why you're here. I, Cynthia, accept your challenge as the Pokémon League Champion! There won't be any letup from me!"
Cynthia: Pokemon cosplay by sox11
Cynthia: Pokemon cosplay
(Yes I know the jacket isn't long and fabulous enough)
Tanith - Fierce by sox11
Tanith - Fierce
I love Tanith's character in Skulduggery Pleasant so much, I even tried out a tanith outfit (minus the leather jacket in this one). I hope I'm close to what she should look like, my hair just looks a bit darker than I'd envision because of the lighting....So tempted to mail Derek Landy to ask for a part in the movies (because there better be movies). XD


sox11's Profile Picture
First of all, I'm NOT single.
So please, don't leave any sexual remarks on any of my pictures or send me notes of the such. It makes me uncomfortable. While compliments are appreciated, objectification and sexualization is not, as my photos aren't intended to be sexual in any way whatsoever. If you like my pictures, well, a simple favourite would always suffice.
So just letting anyone know, I might be a bit short with those who leave any dirty comments. And if you don't like that well...go watch some porn instead. Or something.

And no, I'm not willing to do any nudes. I have no problem with people who do them, but it's just my personal choice not to, just like it's the choice of those who are willing to do them.

THAT aside, I love getting feedback on my artwork so I'd like to say thankyou to anybody who has favourited any of my stuff! I really appreciate it :)

So basically I'm just a teenage girl living in Australia who absolutely loves the Skulduggery Pleasant book series, the TV series Game of Thrones, and playing Skyrim. Anything to do with fantasy, I love it. Oh, and Pokemon.
I will never stop loving Pokemon, no matter how old I am.
I get my inspiration to draw from my favourite books, games or movies, or I tend to look up pictures and copy them - mostly because when I try to draw something off the top of my head, it doesn't end very well.

Tanith Low (from the Skulduggery series) and Daenerys (GoT) are probably two of my favourite characters from any series, ever. They're just so bad-ass, just in different ways! (It's a shame about Tanith though...those of you who've read the SP series will know what I mean.)

Thank you and goodbye :)

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